3 Ways to Heal From Divorce

  • Forgive Yourself  

  • Aim for Balance

  • Take Baby Steps


Practice Forgiveness

It may not make logical sense to you, or even feel possible, but practicing forgiveness not only releases bad feelings, it frees you to start anew. Don’t think about it, practice it! My favorite way is an exercise I learned from the spiritual author Edwene Gaines. Get a dedicated notebook, and write “I your name here forgive myself completely.” Do that 70 times a day for a week. Then move onto your ex, 70 times a day for a week. Then each week go to someone else who has caused you pain. In a couple weeks you’ll feel amazingly better!


StAY iN bAlance

Self – Care isn’t a “get-to-do” now, it’s a “have-to-do.” Whenever you have a difficulty facing you, plan a favor for yourself, too.  Do you have to meet your ex to talk about the kid’s schedule? How about a manicure afterwards? Time to sit and get pampered and have beautiful, colorful fingers to look at for the week for a nominal cost. Don’t even think that you’re not worth it. You can pack your lunch for a couple days if you need too!

Baby Steps.jpg

MindFUL Baby Steps

Now is not the time to have long to-do lists or start a radical new exercise or health routine.  Were you able to talk civilly to your ex mother-in law? Give yourself a pat on the back! Were you able to talk to a friend or family member without spending most of the conversation bashing your ex? Good for you!  Those baby steps gain momentum and soon enough you’ll be able to realize how well you’re doing on your own, without using your ex as an excuse or a motivation. And that’s when you truly get to explore the wonderful, strong, and amazing person you are. And that’s a beautiful thing.