You’ve been through a lot and come out the other side. Fantastic!

Now you want to move forward and feel home. Home in the new energy of YOU.

Therapy, mindset work, and all the healing work has done what it can. Now it's time to truly transform. You’ve got a life of joy and peace (even service) ahead of you.

Are you ready to live your life fully in your own PURE ENERGY?

I hear you. And I can help.

I’m here to place you solidly in a new state of well-being that will allow you to soar. Whether it’s in your own little nest or in the big wide world.

Dr. Cynthia Zeki, Ph.D.  Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Energy Worker

I was a highly sensitive and intuitive kid growing up in an abusive household. Thank heavens I had a strong imagination. I remember looking through the encyclopedia (Remember those?), dreaming of the places I’d go. Far, far away from home.

And I did!

I earned my Ph.D. in Education, Linguistics and Anthropology and taught in Asia and throughout the US. The one experience that stuck with me the most was when I helped a Korean Ph.D. student. I edited his dissertation in Theoretical Mathematics to make it logical for an English academic audience. (Yes, it was as hard as it sounds!)

When we got to his very final proof, I asked him if it was really enough. He said “Oh, Cynthia, Truth is always elegant and simple. A lot of complications is lazy and not beautiful and not Truth." I’ve held that in my heart ever since.

When life got complicated and hurtful, I read, studied and explored until I got to elegant and simple. I took classes, studied, and practiced many spiritual teachings - from Buddhism and Sufism to Christian Mysticism and more. I learned about all kinds of healing methods (see my official bio here), practiced it all for over twenty years, and was always searching for more.

Then I had an epiphany. So much of what I was doing was complicated and far away from our true, pure human experience. It didn't remotely reflect the elegant and simple Pure Divine Energy that is in every cell of our body.

With this realization, I worked to neutralize and integrate all my life’s experiences into the Pure Energy of ME! And here I am - joyful, open, at peace with myself and others. I’m able to fully embrace all of life - the rocky waters and the smooth sailing, with presence and love. 

I distilled my lifetime of learning, teaching, and healing experiences to be able to guide you to the wondrous, pure energy of YOU.

And I’m so happy and excited to share it with you!

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Dr. Cynthia Zeki earned her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and has taught throughout Asia and the US. She has also contributed a chapter to the book Extraordinary YOU: The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life.

Dr. Cynthia is a Reiki Master Teacher, and has studied other energy healing modalities including Regeneration Therapy, Akashic Record Reading, Henry Reed’s Intuitive Heart Discovery Process and Drunvelo Melchizedek’s Awakening the Illuminated Heart.  

Cynthia has studied and worked with Henry Reed of the Association for Research and Enlightenment. She is an active member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), and teaches classes and gives healings at the ARE’s Heartland Region. She has also studied the teachings of Unity, a New Thought Christian denomination, and has served on the board of her local church.

Cynthia's wisdom has been provided to her through intensive meditation, self-healing and other energy work. She has taught classes, led workshops, and given healings throughout Chicagoland, the U.S., and the Caribbean.