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The Power Of Self -Belonging

There you are, doing well, feeling good about yourself, then all of a sudden you slip up. You make a mistake, you say the wrong thing, you yell at your kids, etc. etc. etc. Then all of a sudden that negative self talk flares up into full force, and soon the self doubt, the self loathing, that horrible story you've told yourself all these years stops you in your tracks and it takes formidable  strength to shut it up and get back on track

We  know how important self-love is, but no-one tells us how to do it! .Positive affirmations work until they don't. Self - care can be a chore, and let's face it -- when you're feeling bad about yourself and want to stay in bed the last thing you want to do is go for a run.

In this masterclass you'll learn the steps to take to love and belong to yourself so that the horrible negative voice is shut up for good. And you'll be given an amazing energetic tool so when you do something that isn't in your best interest (which you will do, you're human after all) you can immediately give yourself a big hug and resume your awesomeness. 

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