You know there’s something deeper, something more honest, something more real for you and the way you live your life.

You tried heart-based work before. But it doesn't feel authentic deep down, as you face the challenges of everyday life in our human existence.

Maybe you did all the mindset work too. But it left you feeling like you always have to push yourself to achieve anything. And left you feeling somewhat inferior.

I've been there. And I can help you.

This deep work is not only transformational, it also creates a strong platform of stable peacefulness from which to operate in your new life in a more sustainable way.

No more over-used feel-good solutions (that leave you feeling even more isolated). No more endless hours of healing work (that leave you longing for your true self even more as if it's outside your body, never in reach.)

Cynthia has a beautiful energy that is gentle yet holds strength and certainty with you in that moment. Cynthia helped me to see a new version of me now. As she did some energetic clearing, I used that clarity to be inspired for a much more improved future - not only with my health but every area of my life now. It’s been 4 weeks since working with Cynthia and I’ve recently been enjoying a renewed vitality that I haven’t had for many years. I have so much more energy and motivation which when combined with the clarity I now have, I’m being so much more productive in every area.
— Cyndy B.

I created the Colors of Pure Energy program to completely and permanently change how you know yourself and live in your world.

Using transformative colors and the feelings they evoke in your body, this program shows you how to eliminate the self-doubt, recrimination, or self-punishment your brain tries to tell you is truth. Without having to find a special tool or meditative space that heart-based healing often requires. 

You'll learn to know yourself in a way that naturally and effectively changes you, changes your relationships and changes your world.

I had a magical experience with Cynthia. The blocks that I hadn’t addressed for years feel finished with. I felt the release of years of not feeling worthy, of not forgiving myself and others. Cynthia has a very special gift that I would recommend tapping into to identify what’s holding you back. Now that has been cleared the lightness and flow that I feel is empowering and I will be stepping into this life of unconditional love that Cynthia has brought to my consciousness with new vitality.I felt so safe on the journey that Cynthia and I took and her ability to be there with me was comforting as well as necessary for me to take the steps to clear what was holding me back. To me it was very special.
— Leanne B.


Module 1
2 weeks

Violet and Pink - The New Energy of You

Neutralize and integrate the impact of life-changing experiences and fall in Pure Love with your whole self. Completely and permanently.

Module 2
2 weeks

Blue and Green - Pure Strength

Claim your Pure Strength so you can easily and confidently live in the New Energy of YOU

Module 3
2 weeks

Orange Red and Yellow White - Pure Courage and Pure Peace

Integrate Pure Courage and Pure Peace to move forward in the New Energy of You

Module 4
2 weeks

Golden Ruby and Golden White - Pure Wholeness

Know yourself completely as Pure Wholeness in the New Energy of YOU to open to new possibilities of communication and connection

Module 5
2 weeks

Crystal Blue and Crystal Pink - Pure Joy and Pure Leadership

Know yourself as Pure Joy and a Pure Leader in the New Energy of You to change your life and change your relationships

Module 6
2 weeks

Violet Diamond and Diamond White -- Pure Wisdom and Pure Vision

Know yourself as Pure Wisdom and Pure Vision to change your world.

Cynthia has an amazing ability to not only tune into what’s going on for you now and how it relates to your past, but also clears away patterns and beliefs from your childhood that no longer serve you. Cynthia is powerful, relaxing and uplifting. I cannot recommend Cynthia and her transformative work enough.
— Kym M.

When you claim your spot in my 12-week program you'll receive an email inviting you to book your Transformation Call, which will clear the blockages to the New Energy of YOU.

During the program you delve into this New Energy of YOU and learn ways to stay, grow, and thrive in your PURE ENERGY.

After the program you'll be so unshakably anchored in the New Energy of YOU that you'll want to use the wisdom you gained from your past experiences to change your relationships and your world, effortlessly and for good.

I welcome you to have a complimentary call with me.

The sessions I have had with you have been some of the most growth-inspiring experiences of my life. For the first time in a very long time, you have allowed me to believe that beyond the horizon there is a life of love, joy and contentment and that it is possible to get there. Thank you doesn’t express my gratitude for all you have done for us. Thank you, Cynthia, for recognizing your energetic gifts that can only have been given to you by Divine Providence. Thank you for working to become skillful in channeling it. Thank you for being willing to take the risk in opening your energy to help others. Thank you for allowing me (and my family) to take part in this journey.
— Jerrie M.